PricinG and placinG an order

Lots of factors influence the price of the final design, for example if the job requires hand-drawn illustration, this will take longer so the price will be higher. I will always try to find the best solution to ensure your budget is spent efficiently.

I try to keep my prices fair and will often reduce my prices for smaller businesses and any amateur organising an event, who may not have the same budgets as bigger companies.
Logo Design - £90-£180
Social Media Carousel of 6 images £60-£160
Brochures / Whitepapers £60+ 
Theatre / Events Poster/Flyer £60-£300

15 second social media video ad £90-£120
30-60 second video ad £150-£280

2023 Hourly Rate
My hourly rate is £30 per hour. I track my time on every project and charge accordingly.

I can create discounted packages if for example, you needed a Theatre Poster and Social Media Graphics, I would charge a small amount for the graphics as the design is already done.

PLACING an order

✲ Get in touch! We can chat about your project via email, Zoom or Whatsapp.
✲ A no obligation quote will be sent and if accepted, I will begin working on your project. First-time clients will be asked for a deposit at this stage.
✲ I'll send you a design draft with a watermark for your review and approval.
✲ Once you give the green light, I'll provide you with the final file(s). If you need printing services, I can handle that as well.
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