Marketing work

BRAND MANAGER 2019 - 2023

In my role as the Brand Manager at the Start-up company, Outside Gang, I successfully developed and implemented multi-channel marketing strategies that significantly contributed to the company's revenue growth, achieving a 100% increase year-on-year.
My responsibilities encompassed a wide range of tasks, including:

- Executing reactive sales and automated email campaigns in Klayviyo
- Creating content for various social media platforms, including design and video editing
- Developing and managing ad strategies across Meta, TikTok, and Google, with regular reporting and strategic adjustments
- Marketing a brand new product contributing to sales of just under £1 Million
- Crafting website copy and Google-friendly blogs to drive traffic
- Creation and management of WordPress and Shopify e-commerce websites
- Managing marketing budgets - planning ad spend, freelancers, photoshoots, and influencer costs
- Directing photoshoots to effectively target different audience segments
- Liaising with influencers, freelance developers, Press, SEO experts, ad agencies, printers, suppliers, and other brands to ensure seamless project delivery
- Designed brochures, trade show graphics, packaging, leaflets, advertisements
- Representing the company at B2B and B2C trade shows in London
- Playing a pivotal role in the Absolut US x Garcelle x Outside Gang collaboration in 2022
- Reported on our marketing efforts using Klayviyo, Shopify, Paid ads and Google Analytics data
Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Suite, Marketing Strategies, Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Landing Page Optimisation using UnBounce, Web Design, UX, Digital Marketing, Google, Meta and TikTok Ads, Influencer Marketing, Branding, Video Editing, Figma, Microsoft, Hootsuite, Typography, Social Media Content, Social Media Strategy, Canva, delivering Canva Training, Klayviyo Email Campaigns, Writing, Art Direction and Styling, Slack.
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