30th October 23
I was born to have a creative career. I grew up crafting with minimal supplies, receiving little assistance from my parents. I entered art competitions in primary school; my creations were probably too strange or too DIY looking as I never placed, but I loved to make things anyway!

In high school art classes, I defied the norm by deconstructing briefs and executing them my own way. While others created "fire and ice" masks, I fashioned a mask from recycled materials, and surprisingly earned an A grade for it. 
I set-up my own photoshoot dramatically posing while holding pig hearts. When others zigged, I zagged, I was probably a pain in the arse to teach looking back!

I devoted more attention to the visual presentation of my drama coursework than the physical assessment. This is where my love for the theatre first began. I made sketchbooks, photo albums, kept diaries, spent hours finding materials in Paperchase, I was just obsessed with creating.

Going into further studies after school, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and fully commit my entire being to design. I was a really hard working student. I cried when I got a 1st at University, I was just so happy the hard work paid off. I don't strive to be an average Joe, I'm always pushing myself, trying to learn more and be better.
There are moments when I'm designing that I have to pinch myself. With every poster designed and project ticked off, I learn something new, and I think to myself, "Wow, I'm so grateful to be paid for doing what I love, all while learning. This is the dream!"
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