Hello, I'm Jess, a Manc who swapped the hustle for the hills, currently living in the picturesque Cairngorms in Scotland. I specialise in attention grabbing video content, graphic design, event posters and marketing strategies for a diverse clientele. 
With over a decade of expertise in design, marketing, video editing, web design, user experience and social media, I bring a wealth of creative insight to every project. Whether it's a conversion-led email campaign or short-form video content tailored for social ads, I'm passionate about delivering great work.
(FYI: This website was made in Adobe Portfolio which is terrible on mobile!)
Video EditinG
I can create social media videos for your business from existing footage, or I can shoot video content and edit it with the help of a videographer that I've worked with before.

I can create:

Promotional Videos For Businesses
UGC Content
YouTube Video Editing
Instagram Reels and TikTok Videos
Meta Ad Videos
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